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My Connection to Autism

Posted by Tom Dickinson on April 13, 2010 at 10:37 AM

People have asked me at times why I chose to take this route.  Take the route of cooking gluten free casein free food and make it my own cuisine.  They also askd me what my connection was to Autism.  Well I'm going to answer that for you. 


My connection to Autism is me.  I discovered that when I was a child, I was diagnosed and a high functioning Autistic.  Basically, I fell under the category of Asperger's Syndrome.  I remembered as a child that I would flap my hand, that I would throw a lot of fits, and I would get angry a lot and I didn't know why my temper was so short.  Now I know why.  My mom also remembered telling me that she took me to the doctor and the doctor told her that I was highly allergic and my mom didn't know what I was allergic to.  Turns out I did have a gluten and dairy intolerance and the reason why I couldn't conentrate when I was a kid is not because I was lazy, it was because I was raised on raw milk and homemade bread my whole life. 


Thankfully, as an adult I found out about this almost three years ago and I have done things to change it.  I've changed my diet, started taking supplements to help me focus, and I take digestive enzymes and yeast fighters to help as well.  A lot of things have changed, and the one thing that I learned when I discovered this is that I knew God had made me this way so I could help oother people like me.  That's why I started GFCF Fusion and am dedicated to helping parents of cihldren who are Autistic.  I also want to set an example of yes, I have Autism, but Autism, doesn't have me.  Thank you. 


Chef Tom

GFCF Chef.   

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Reply Kim ( Foodin New England)
10:53 AM on December 2, 2010 
I am so proud of you, i remember when you first started this... has it really been that long?
Great job CHEF!
Reply Tom Dickinson
11:12 AM on December 29, 2010 
Kim ( Foodin New England) says...
I am so proud of you, i remember when you first started this... has it really been that long?
Great job CHEF!

Thank you.