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My Take On The Autism Blacklist

Posted by Tom Dickinson on October 2, 2011 at 3:25 PM

Love, peace, and GFCF grease, everyone, 

I wanted to make an entry into my blog about this picture above here.  Friday night I stumbled upon this list that has been posted on facebook known as the Autism Community International Blacklist.  A lot of people have been named on here as bullies who harass autistic people.  Named wrongly I might add.

I posted on this page telling them how wrong the were about people who they were listed, and I ended up listed as well.  My wife went on this page and stuck up for me, and she was also listed.  This page has also listed minors on their as well as cyber bullies.  One of them being a ten year old child, who's name I won't say out of respect for the family and their privacy. 

So this is my message to whoever has started this blacklist.   You have no idea what you are doing and what you have done.  All you have done is create a giant den of Mama Bears who are ready to come out swinging for their children.  I've always said that if I was in a dark corner, who would I want to have as my back up.  A group of marines or a group of autism mothers.  I would pick the moms hands down.  You've angered a lot of people who are on the Autism spectrum who are adults.  Myself included.  How dare you name my wife, for sticking up for her husband.  Now you've made me angry!!

Also, to the creators of this website, you have alienated the largest group of autism resources that you could ever have at your disposal and will never be able to communicate with again because you've been blocked.  Just this weekend I have had the privelige to meet so many people fighting for their kids, friend them on facebook, and begi nnetworking wiht them.  I have also reconnected witth the Canadian National Autism Foundation, who I stand behind 100% and they are helping me to promote my new cookbook, Cooking With CLASS.  Not to mention I connected with yet another member of Warriors For Autism, another group that I stand behind 100%(I wear my camo hat to prove it).

So in closing, the only thing I want to say to the creators of that list, and I"ll be sharing this link on facebook, and the creators of this list know who they are.  You have opened up a gigantic can of worms that you aren't going to be able to handle, and just closed yourself off to a great group of people who are doing everything they can for thei families and others.  The people that I write my cookbooks and create my GFCF recipes for.  You thought you'd divide everyone, but you've just brought a whole bunch of autism advocates closer together. To the people who created the Blacklist,  we all have to face our maker some day, and what are you going to say when it's your turn.  Thnk about it. 

All the best,

GFCF Chef Tom

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