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Hello everyone and welcome to  Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Daniel Dickinson but some of you may know me as The GFCF Chef.   I want to take this time to share with you about two fo the things that I'm passionate about, Food, and Autism Awareness. 




Now people may think that people with Autism the general idea is that people on the Autism spectrum are these nonverbal, incapable people who are in constant requirement of round the clock care and can't take care of themselves.  Well I"m here to tell you that you are mistaken.  Because Autistic people: 

They're college graduates

They hold down jobs

They on their own businesses

They contribute to publications

And sometimes, they create publications of their own. 

And here's the surprise.  Sometimes, Autistic people become chefs. 

That's right everone.  I am a professional chef, and I am on the Autism Spectrum. 

My mission in life has been to encourage adults who are on the Autism Spectrum and to encourage parents who have children on teh Autism Spectrum to not depend on food out of a microwave or a drive thru as their main source of meals and learn how to creat simple, delicous meals forthemselves using fresh ingredients that don't come in a frozen tray or out of a can.  I want them to learn how to make great food.  A cuisine.  My cuisine called GFCF Fusion. 

And what is GFCF Fusion?  It's a Cuisine On The Spectrum, much like Autism.  It can range from something like Tilapia Escebeche Over Blue Corn Polenta, so something as simple as Chicken Nuggets and Roasted Potatoes.  It's ever changing, ever moving, and every so gluten and casein free and always delicous.  You never know what could be coming from one day to the next.  GFCF Fusion is as unpredictable as Autism itself.  You never know what recipe I may come up with tomorrow, or even right now. 

I have learned in my life to never underestimate the abilities of someone who is on the Autism Spectrum, and believe me, I don't.  I believe that anyone on the Autism Spectrum can cook well if given the opportunity to learn in their own way, and that's why my mission is so important.  it's 1 in 88 now and those numbers are coming closer together.  So join me in ushering a GFCF Fusion Revolution and let's get people on the spectrum back in the kitchen.  Thank you and bon appetite. 

Special Feature

Check out my two cookbooks available to you at The GFCF Cookbook store on this site.  Thank you for logging on and bon appetit.