"Where There's A Meal, There's A Way."

About Chef Tom







GFCF Chef Tom Dickinson is a graduate of the Culinary Arts Program at Linn Benton Community College where he learned under Chefs' Scott Anselm and John Jarschke.  Tom has also worked or the past five years under Chefs Gary Gainey, Toribio Flores, Dwayne Scott, and David Kalbaugh where he has used the knowledge that they have given him to better improve his own style. 


Upon learning about being on the Autism Spectrum,  Chef Tom has used his culinary degree and his training from his mentors to develop his own unique cooking style called GFCF Fusion.  A cuisine that combines the guidelines of the traiditional Gluten Free Casein Free Diet with his own Contemporary Ecclectic Global approach to cooking that includes his classical French training from LBCC and influences from Southeast Asian, Italian, British, Japanese, Fillipino, Puerto Rican,  and Conteporary Mexican Cuisines. 

Chef Tom's unique style of cooking and his approach to food has helped him become the Personal Chef for the City Of Fairfield's after school program, Place 2 Be After 3 along with being the Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor for Aim Higher Incorporated, a facility for special needs adults where Chef Tom teaches his Cooking Class For the Differently Abled.  And for 2013, Tom will be becoming the Personal Chef for The Leaven, showing kids how to make healthy snacks for themselves. 

Chef Tom's acolades include two cookbooks that have been sold in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, a successful internet radio show called Cooking With CLASS which has gnerated a large following, and Chef Tom has been featured on the Autism Hangout feature program "Autism In the Workplace.  Job Success." and is also  a regular contributor to the television program Autism Today TV; winner of a 2012 Ursula Award for Excellence and Chef Tom just is also the winner of a 2012 Temple Grandin Award and nominated this year for a Naturally Autistic People Award. 


Chef Tom currently resides in Fairfield, California with his wife Nora and while not having any children, he and his wife still maintain their title and world's greatest Aunt and Uncle.